Managed Cloud Operations

RackApps ServiceFormation Platform

Rackapps ServiceFormation's continually learning adaptive system optimizes your cloud resources from your business service(s) perspective. Knowing how applications are designed and deployed, RackApp's creates and manages only what's required on hyperscale cloud platforms. Unlike other fragmented operations tools that automate applications and data separately, RackApps unifies them with ServiceFormation to deliver Cloud Ops and DevOps in one platform.

Release and update software faster

ServiceFormation LiveDeploy feature allows you to frequently deploy your application, platform or database changes to running business services from your CI/CD systems.

Manage system changes

Change Management made easier with LiveCompare feature. Compare two running environments side by side to see how your production system is affected by upcoming changes from development or test or pre-prod environments.

Optimize cloud costs

Optimize your cloud spend by knowing your entire business service cost “live” across multiple environments separated by applications spaces in different cloud accounts using “LiveCosting” feature.

Avoid breaking production systems

Avoid configuration drifts when you deploy your applications, database changes to production systems. Make a “LiveCopy” of running systems configurations, snapshot data before making changes to production systems.

Increase application quality

Bring real world application and data for your business service testing to increase application quality. LiveCopy your entire applications, platform configurations, data with a single click to create on-demand QA, pre-prod environments.

Cloud governance knowing your cloud bill

Frequently check your overall cloud bill from business service to cloud infrastructure components to govern how the organization's cloud resources are used with “LiveBilling” feature.

Avoid wasting operation team’s effort and time

Reduce your mundane operations tasks by offloading to our cognitive system that “LiveRepair”s components of your business service automatically based on your policies. You can take control anytime to optimize the control.

Increase application resiliency

Let the cognitive system “LiveReplace” a component’s cloud resource automatically with an equivalent one from the registry or central repository knowing how the entire business service was deployed.

Monitor business services for availability

Monitor all the business service infrastructure for availability. Integrate with cloud platform monitoring services to monitor and remediate components using LiveRepair and LiveReplace capabilities.

Audit for compliance and security

Audit who changed what from your business service down to the cloud infrastructure with “LiveAudit” feature to make sure changes were made in compliance with your organization's policies. Ensure security and compliance before making changes to production systems with “LiveCompare”.

Keep up with DevOps speed

Continuously monitor and update business services infrastructure changes made in your cloud accounts with “LiveDiscovery” to keep up with system changes across your development, QA, pre-production environments.

Optimize your cloud spend

Know your overall cloud spend across multiple cloud accounts from your business services with “LiveCosting”. Fix uncontrolled cost overruns with a click of button from your business service.

Avoid cloud lock-in

Flexibly deploy your business service components on any cloud based on cloud provider’s SLAs and support. Move them easily when for performance and cost reasons to different cloud vendors flexibly with “LiveDeploy” feature.

Withstand cloud vendor service failures

Monitor and move your business service components flexibly across different hyperscale platforms to run your business services when cloud vendor services fail with “LiveDeploy” feature.

Meet user demand with Scale-out or Scale-in

Scale your business service components be it applications, platforms, sharded databases easily based on your policies using “LiveScale”. Our ServiceFormation cognitive system will auto-scale your cloud infrastructure “live” to deliver performance when required and remove cloud resources after the demand decreases.

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