OEM Appliance Program

Over the years, Rackapps has been building high quality, reliable servers and workstations for Business. We bring years of custom integration and appliance development experience. Our experience is unmatched in the server industry and our state of the art, ISO 9001:2015 certified facility is consistently committed to exceed our customers expectations.

Our OEM solutions save you time and money. We have assembled a team of Software and hardware engineers to make life simpler for people who buy specialty software for use in their daily work environment. We take off the shelf parts and make a branded appliance. This enables the apps to be easily upgraded or serviced.

Product Branding

Rackapps OEM Concept
Rackapps OEM Prototype
Rackapps OEM Product

Rackapps's OEM program is designed to give leading ISVs and startups a competitive edge, by offering tremendous support. We focus on delivering solution while you focus on what you do best. Our team manages your entire product cycle, from manufacturing and prototyping to strong branding. Working with our OEM team provides you access to a wide variety of services designed to help you deliver your appliance to market faster.

Whether you're launching a new product or looking for a partner who can take the stress out of your current delivery model, we can help you reach your goals faster.

For a quick response, please email us at or call us at +1-650-230-8069

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Marco Attisha

Director of Sales & Biz Dev  650-230-8069

Sandip Shah

Sr. Appliance Specialist  650-230-8005

Anthony Tarabini

Sales Engineer  650-230-8069

Design and Development Process

Design of custom appliance solution begins with a broad range of issue to be considered and addressed in the entire product development cycle. The initial prototype addresses all the functional aspect of the appliance just to make sure that the hardware is fully functional and compatible with application covering all the specified details.

Once the functional part of appliance is approved, the second stage covers your customization design needs for your approval that includes branding need silk screening, acrylic raised labels etc.

The third and final stage of design includes complete documentation including manual, drivers, checklist and the certifications (UL, CE and FCC) required for your appliance solution.


Order manufacturing process follows the detailed specification and instructions for your appliance and maintains uniformity, revision control to guarantee consistency. To maintain quality of your product each following aspect is dealt with full caution and supervision.

Component Testing

Each component which goes inside the system is tested before use. We perform this test to ensure it exceeds our quality standard before using it and integrating in the system.

Branding Services

Our talented creative team will enhance your product branding with customized bezels, face plates, labels, packaging, product documentation and more, giving your brand a presence that truly stands out.

Burn-In and Stress Testing

Our talented engineers run the burn-in and stress testing to warm up the system components prior to being placed in service.

Testing with your Software and Custom Image Loading

We have assembled the team of software engineers to automate the process of the test cases and load the custom images in the system to complete the appliance.

Logistic & Inventory Management

Based on your forecast we help you to evaluate and analyzes your component requirements. We provide inventory monitoring, planning, control, management and volume flexibility for your appliance. Our ERP system provides you access to real time inventory tracking for your components and products.

Warranty & Support

We make the best effort to assist each customer in finding the correct products to improve their server abilities through quality products, outstanding customer service and a warranty program that can give your business the peace of mind it needs to run at its best performance. We have 3 different types of warranty options.

Branding Designs

Rackapps OEM Concept
Rackapps OEM Prototype
Rackapps OEM Product
Rackapps OEM Concept
Rackapps OEM Prototype
Rackapps OEM Product
Rackapps OEM Concept
Rackapps OEM Prototype
Rackapps OEM Product