Storidge CIO

RackApps Container Storage Solution Overview

RackApps and Storidge, Inc. allow enterprise IT departments to modernize their storage infrastructure, increasing flexibility and agility, simplifying storage management and dramatically reducing costs without compromising functionality, availability, or reliability.

Rackapps, originally formed in 2000 and restarted in 2016, is the data-center/office Appliance manufacturing division of ASA Computers, founded in 1989. At Rackapps, we have assembled a team of Software and hardware engineers to make life simpler for people who buy specialty software for use in their daily work environment. We take “off the shelf parts” and make a branded appliance. This enables the apps to be easily upgraded or serviced.

Running on world-class server hardware, RackApps and Storidge deliver a plug & play Docker Container based storage platform. Leveraging Docker Swarm and the Portainerio web interface, Clients can deploy Docker Services with persistent storage in minutes.

RackApps and Storidge are ideally suited to support demanding enterprise applications in physical or virtual infrastructure, including a common approach to the hybrid cloud

RackApps Container Storage Appliance Solution with Storidge

RackApps offers Storidge’s CIO (Container IO) Software-Defined Storage based solutions in both self-contained and configurable reference architectures.

Our appliances are Simple, Scalable, High-Availability Storage Designed for Seamless "Out-of-the Box" Deployments

The Container Storage Solution is fully tested, validated, and easy to manage and deploy. This purpose-built, small form factor cluster delivers enterprise grade, full featured unified file and block storage services and brings all the benefits of Software-Defined Storage.

RackApps and Storidge Reference Architectures (RA’s) are based on our powerful 2U 4 node server as the base Cluster for testing the RackApps Docker Appliance. The unit is configured with 12 SSD’s (3 per node) to support high performance and data resiliency required to support a highly available storage solution.

We can support a variety of SSD & HDD capacities including NVMe based devices.

The solution comes with installation services and a 3-year service agreement from us for the complete solution.

High Availability

Our intelligent ContainerIO software ensures high availability for applications. Storage orchestration moves the data volume to the container as it is rescheduled — even in the event of a node failure.

Guaranteed Performance

ContainerIO's unique QOS manager eliminates noisy neighbor problems and ensures consistent performance for each application by setting minimum and maximum performance limits.

Cost Savings

Demand can fluctuate. ContainerIO provides tremendous cost savings by enabling cluster nodes to scale up or down based on application workloads.

Run Anywhere

Use a common data management layer for stateful applications no matter where they run, on-premises or in the cloud. The freedom to place workloads eliminates the risks and costs of cloud lock-in.

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