Welcome to Rackapps!

RackApps partners with Software companies and mutually develops optimum appliances (Apps). The design of the bare metal works around the efficiency of performance, price, global support, and power usage.

Rackapps is the data-center/office Appliance manufacturing division of ASA Computers. At Rackapps, we have assembled a team of Software and hardware engineers to make life simpler for people who buy specialty software for use in their daily work environment. We take “off the shelf parts” and make a branded appliance. This enables the apps to be easily upgraded or serviced.

Us being an offshoot of ASA Computers provides us with a vast wealth of experience and best practices in the areas of servers integration, engineering, and manufacturing. We maintain our R&D at our Silicon Valley headquarters and encourage our partners to use our facility for hardware and software testing. We provide 30 day money back guarantee on select Apps, POC units and Demos.

Want to know more? Get in touch with us at sales@rackapps.com or 650-230-8000


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